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Because thors bar has 50g protein in one 111g bar



The 50g of protein in every Thors Bar is equivalent to two cans of tuna, eight eggs, or a seven oz steak. Our protein is of the highest isolate concentration possible and has a PDCAA score of 1, meaning it is the most absorbable protein available.

By using three protein variations; egg whites, whey, and casein, we maximize the amino acid profile. In addition, our protein is rBST / rBGH free.



Sugar is known to cause an array of damage, including slowing, or halting recovery. Thors Bar has only 2g, stemming from dairy protein. We have zero added sugar.

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Healthy fats aid in many functions. We have a low fat content, and do not use seed oils or processed oils.

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Or BACK TO BASIC. Thors Bars is a natural anabolic bar, and it helps repair tissue.

Many other bars and supplements contain chemicals and artificial ingredients, making them catabolic, causing break down of muscle tissue.

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Fiber is known to have many benefits, and can help regulate your digestive tract, allowing for the absorption of nutrients. It is also a prebiotic, and feed your healthy gut bacteria 



Thors Bar has 4 NET carbs. The majority of its carbohydrates can not be absorbed in to your blood stream and will be excreted by your body.


protein blend

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Safety Warning
Contains: Nuts, legumes, and Milk Derived Ingredients.


Any and all statements on this website and all other places from Swedish Nutrition, creator of Thor's Bar have not been evaluated by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a Doctor before eating Thor's Bar.

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