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Thor's Bar is made from real ingredients

Many bar manufacturers add artificial ingredients and sugars in their bars, making them catabolic instead of anabolic. They will break down your body instead of building it.

Thor's Bar is superior. We use only natural ingredients. See our full transparency below

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Protein uptake is still debated among scholars. There are strong arguments that we can absorb around 50g of protein during the post workout window. That is how much protein you get in ONE Thor bar. Your Thor bar is equivalent to 2 cans of tuna, 8 eggs, or a 7 oz. steak.

We use three variations of protein to utilize a broader spectrum of amino acids, covering slow and fast absorption rate. This way we insure that you can eat the bar before or after your workout, before bed, and any time for that matter. That said, give yourself  30-60 min for digestion to take place. 


Healthy fats aid in your ability to build muscle, strength, and health. Here are some benefits.

  • Help you make TESTOSTERONE 

  • Increases neural conductivity, needed to be able to contract a muscle

  • Strengthens myelin integrity

  • Increases thermogenic effect

  • Improves cognitive function 

  • Increases elasticity in your skin

  • Preserves the youth of your cells allowing your telomeres to stay intact

  • Lowers your glycemic reaction where you don't have to produce as much insulin and exhaust your pancreas

  • Delivers slow steady fuel for long powerful workouts

  • Reduces sugar crash


Pre-biotics is fibers that feed your bacteria in your intestine. Fibers resist digestion in your stomach and small intestine and becomes food to your healthy bacteria in your large intestine via a fermentation process. They will help with a number of functions such as improve your gut health, strengthen your immune system, enhancing your glucose and dietary fat metabolism. This is an innate function and fits our theory of "back to basic". Humans have more DNA from foreign organisms in our body than our own.  Research has found that these bacteria have different assignments. Here are just a few. Regulate our thermogenic function, our ability to gain muscles, skin elasticity, immune function, nutrient uptake, cognitive function etc. We want your micro function to be optimal as well



  • No artificial ingredients or chemicals. Many other bars and supplements have chemicals and artificial ingredients making their bar catabolic instead of anabolic.


  • Fiber helps regulate your digestive tract allowing for absorption of nutrient and regularity.

  • It lowers your glycemic reaction, reducing insulin production keeping your pancreas strong.



We use NON-GMO, fermented sugar alcohol,  with a glycemic index of 0. Other GMO derived sugar alcohol may damage the mucous membrane surrounding the cells allowing for attack and oxidative stress.


Diabetics may react differently to sugar alcohols. Even though our NET carbs are only 6 you must consult your doctor before eating Thor's bar.


We don't add ANY sugar to Thor's Bar. By law we cannot call it sugar free due to that ALL protein have lactose "milk sugar" . The chemical structure of lactose looks like sugar. Our bar has very low amount of lactose since we use 90% proteins.

We keep our net carbs low for maximum health benefits and performance. Net carbs is the amount of carbohydrates that your body actually absorbs.

Net carbs = total carbohydrates minus fiber.  Sugar alcohol is not accounted for due to that your body will not absorb them.

  • Sugar is damaging to your cells, preventing muscle and strength gain.

  • To offset the damaging effect your body have to inflame. It is not conducive to build muscles while in an inflammatory state for other reasons than cellular micro tears as a result from your workout.

  • Sugar will exhaust your pancreas. Your endocrine system will be out of balance preventing adequate production of testosterone and recovery.


Don't eat sugar if you want to build muscles.



We also use natural fair trade VEGETABLE glycerin, a sugar alcohol with a glycemic index of 3. It is produced using a mechanical extraction process called hydrolysis. Glycerin is a humectant,  helping you hold water in the muscle cells. Our glycerin is from fair trade palm oil, not soy. Fair trade means that the palm oil used is not derived from the results of deforestation.

We buy only from suppliers who do not cut down trees jeopardizing the safety of indigenous animals and the environment.


Diabetics may react different to sugar alcohols even though our NET carbs are only 3-5, you must consult your doctor before eating Thor's bar.


Nuts and legumes are packed with micro nutrients that your body need to function. We have nuts, and legumes in all bars. If you don't have a properly functioning micro system you will lose out on your body's ability to synthesize the protein creating a conducive environment for muscle growth and neural connection.


Thor's bar is gluten and soy free. It is free of any artificial and chemical ingredients. It's made of real food only. Thor's bar contains or have been made in facilities where milk, nuts, legumes, are present. peanuts and beans are legumes



  • Whey protein 

  • Egg White Protein (Egg Albumen, which is simply dried egg whites)

  • Milk Protein or Casein

​These are pure proteins. We choose 3 different sources to maximize the spectrum of amino acids and absorption rate. Whey is a leftover product  in cheese production. Milk/Casein  protein is derived from milk with the purpose of making protein. Egg white albumen is dried pure egg white.


We use Erythritol due to its safeness and gentle effect on your digestive system. It is derived via a FERMENTATION process from NON GMO ​corn. It is not a chemical procedure. 


We mix the protein in filtered water. We do not want you to get chlorine and fluoride in your body.


One serving of Thor's Bar is one bar.​



Safety Warning
Contains: Nuts, legumes, and Milk Derived Ingredients.


Any and all statements on this website and all other places from Swedish Nutrition, creator of Thor's Bar have not been evaluated by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a Doctor before eating Thor's Bar.
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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