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Our mission is to provide the best, healthiest, most delicious and powerful bar on the market.

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Ubbe with a generation one bar in 2017

ubbe jack_edited.jpg

Ubbe and Jack Lalanne at a health summit in 2009

Swedish Nutrition, the parent company of Thor's Bar was founded in 2018 by Swedish Native Ubbe Liljeblad, a health professional with 30 years of experience with a mission to create truly healthy foods without chemicals or compromised ingredients.

Ubbe owned and operated gyms, and a food addiction & weight management clinic in Seattle. He worked with Doctors and patients addressing and lecturing in human performance, optimal muscle gain, weight loss, food addiction, autoimmune, metabolic dysfunction, endocrine function, and more. His clients ranged from extreme athletes and bodybuilders to overweight non-athletes, and people with illness.

In 2017 Ubbe started the development of Thor's Bar, a culmination of thousands of research hours, training, experience, and passion. 

He saw the need for a truly healthy protein bar that had enough protein, and does what it’s supposed to do: Make people healthy instead of sick 

Ubbe is a perfectionist, and believes that optimal function is the only way to go.



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