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Thor's Viking Bar weighs 150 grams, or 5.29 ounces. Please compare our price with other Bars.


  • THOR'S  BAR   $0.66 / ounce  55g protein 

  • Met-rx                $0.49 / ounce  28g protein

  • Quest bar          $0.88 / ounce  21g protein

  • Pure protein      $0.44 / ounce 20g protein

  • Protein Crisp     $0.83 / ounce  20g protein

  • Power bar          $0.61 / ounce  20g protein

  • RXbar                 $0.93 / ounce  12g protein

  • Kind bars            $1.10 /  ounce    7g protein


Thor's Viking Bar, is a high quality 150g bar for only $3.49. You should be able to get an inexpensive high quality Protein Bar. You get the best bar on the market, but it is not dressed up in fancy clothing. The packaging is very raw and utilitarian. We sell Thor's Viking Bar from our plant, shipped straight to you. We eliminate costly third party co-packaging companies and storage fees, and pass  those savings on to you. You get your bar fresh from us.

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